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August 2009
Volume V, Issue 7


To date most of our newsletters have had a single theme, but this month we have two exciting corporate announcements—plus information about cell phones and 911 that is too important not to read. We also want to remind you that next month is National Preparedness Month (NPM). Click here and help FEMA’s Ready Campaign and its partners Citizen Corps and the Ad Council spread the emergency preparedness message this September!

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New Training and Education Services
Training and education play key roles in the level of security and safety that exists in any environment. In our current economy, however, many businesses and organizations cannot afford to send their personnel to expensive courses at off-site locations. To fill this gap, we are expanding our service offerings to include world-class, cost-effective training programs and seminars; executive coaching; and facilitated experiential learning for both the public and private sectors. Click here to go to our Web site and visit the Services channel for more information.

SRMG Advisory Team
We are not only expanding our services, but we have the most qualified, recognized security and safety professionals in both the public and private sectors on board to provide them! Each individual brings special skills to the table in addition to decades of corporate, law enforcement, military, and teaching experience. Click here to go to our Web site and visit the About Us channel for more information.

Need-to-Know 911!
If you dial 911 from your cell phone, help might not be able to locate you. Click here to go to our Web site and learn more about this critical problem.


About Security & Risk Management Group, LLC (SRMG)
In today's ever-changing, increasingly heightened security environment, your business assets and personal interests need protection as never before. SRMG, a consulting company specializing in independent global security and risk management services for corporations and individuals, can work with you to develop a customized solution that will successfully secure both your business and personal environments.

Visit our Web site to learn how SRMG can create a more secure environment for you, increasing your productivity, enhancing the shareholder value of your corporations, and improving the quality of both your business and family life through our proven secur-link process.

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