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May 2009
Volume V, Issue 4


Summer is quickly approaching, and many of you are making vacation plans. When traveling, it is important to do your research in advance and be aware of any extenuating circumstances affecting or travel warnings and alerts for your planned destination. You should also take precautionary measures so that you can be reached in an emergency situation. Take a few extra minutes to inform and prepare yourself, and your trip will be safe and enjoyable!

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Keep Up-to-Date on the Swine Flu Outbreak
Knowledge is your best defense against novel influenza A (H1N1). Click here to go to our Web site for one-stop access to the latest information.

SRMG Hot Topic: Travel Safety
Maintaining a heightened sense of your surroundings as you travel—whether domestically or internationally or for business or pleasure—is key to your security. Click here to go to our Web site for some simple tips that will ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable.

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