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SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.www.srmg-link.com
 The Secur-Link Bulletin
    Volume VII, Issue 2  |  April 2011   
SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.

In today's ever-changing, increasingly heightened
security environment, your business assets and personal interests need protection as never before.

Scott Nelson
SRMG Founder & President

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Spring is finally upon us! No one minds April showers that bring May flowers, but are you caught off guard when these showers turn into something more powerful? Several parts of the United States have already been hit with severe weather systems—and the season is just beginning. Our issue this quarter provides links to valuable information that will help you prepare for natural disasters in general and, more specifically, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. It also contains links to events, programs, and campaigns with opportunities and tools to educate others and reduce the number of injuries and deaths in your community caused by unsafe behavior.
SRMG Hot Topic: Disaster Preparation
Government resources will be on the way as soon as possible after a natural disaster occurs, but the efforts of individuals and neighborhoods immediately following the event can save lives. Being prepared and knowing how to respond appropriately in an emergency situation is key to your survival. Click here to go to our Web site and visit the Hot Topics channel for more information.
"We're Not in Kansas Anymore"
—Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz
Growing up, many of us believed that tornadoes only struck in the Midwest. As we've seen in the past week, however, these deadly funnels can strike most anywhere and cause tremendous devastation. Click here for tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) about what to do before, during, and after a tornado.
Prepare for Hurricane Season
The National Weather Service (NWS) and FEMA assembled a treasure trove of information online to help you raise your level of awareness and readiness during Hurricane Preparedness Week (held May 22 through May 28 this year). Click here to visit the Hurricane Preparedness Web site.
Don't Get Swept Away
Flooding affects much of our country in the spring as snow melts and water levels rise. Click here for information from the NWS about flood-related hazards and methods of protecting your property and your life.
Help Make Your Community Safer in 2011
Get involved with the National Safety Council (NSC)! Help to educate your community and prevent some of the thousands of injuries and deaths each year that result from unsafe behaviors.

Click here for information about National Safety Month and to learn how you can take part. (Also, be sure to watch our Web site during the month of June for weekly updates on critical safety issues.)
Click here to go to our Web site for information about becoming a Safety Ambassador and sharing your stories as part of the A Million Acts of Safety campaign.
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Security & Risk Management Group, LLC (SRMG), a consulting company specializing in independent global security and risk management services for corporations and individuals, can work with you to develop a customized solution that will successfully secure both your business and personal environments. Visit our Web site to learn how SRMG can create a more secure environment for you, increasing your productivity, enhancing the shareholder value of your corporations, and improving the quality of both your business and family life through our proven secur-link process.
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