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SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.www.srmg-link.com
 The Secur-Link Bulletin
    Volume VII, Issue 1  |  January 2011   
SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.

In today's ever-changing, increasingly heightened
security environment, your business assets and personal interests need protection as never before.

Scott Nelson
SRMG Founder & President

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2011 is here! It's the perfect time to evaluate and increase your level of emergency preparedness at both your home and workplace. Why not make this one of your resolutions? Our issue this quarter provides you with links to some valuable tools that will help you achieve this goal. It also contains links to information about protecting yourself against identity theft—which is expected to remain one of the fastest-growing crimes worldwide in the new year—and being weather-wise until spring.
Resolve to Be Ready in 2011
Do you have an emergency supply kit? Does it need updating? Do you have a Family Emergency Plan (FEP)? Click here to go to our Web site for valuable information and tools to help you get these key preparedness components in place for the new year. There is also a link to download a toolkit with ideas and resources that you can use to spread the word and educate others in your workplace and community—get them started off on the right foot too!
SRMG Hot Topic: Identity Theft
Imagine that you are trying to buy your dream home. Your credit history is impeccable, but your bank rejects your loan application because of your poor credit score. You begin to receive bills in the mail for credit cards you never applied for and bounced checks you never wrote. You have fallen victim to an identity thief. Click here to go to our Web site and visit the Hot Topics channel for information about this ever-present problem and how to protect yourself.
Be Weather-Wise This Winter
The winter season presents many potential hazards, from storms to freezing temperatures to power outages. Even indoors we are at risk from faulty heating systems, house fires, and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Click here for some simple tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that will help keep you and your family safe until spring.
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Security & Risk Management Group, LLC (SRMG), a consulting company specializing in independent global security and risk management services for corporations and individuals, can work with you to develop a customized solution that will successfully secure both your business and personal environments. Visit our Web site to learn how SRMG can create a more secure environment for you, increasing your productivity, enhancing the shareholder value of your corporations, and improving the quality of both your business and family life through our proven secur-link process.
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