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SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.www.srmg-link.com
 The Secur-Link Bulletin
    Volume VIII, Issue 1  |  Summer 2012   
SRMG provides global safety and security consulting.

In today's ever-changing, increasingly heightened
security environment, your business assets and personal interests need protection as never before.

Scott Nelson
SRMG Founder & President

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We at SRMG are trying to stay cool despite record high temperatures, so we thought we'd take the opportunity during our self-imposed indoor exile to share some timely security-related tidbits with our valued subscribers. Toward this end, we've collected useful links and information on a wide variety of topics for this issue, some related to current events and others that we know you simply find interesting. We've even included a little light summer fare of the Hollywood variety—read on to learn more about the behind-the-scenes adventures of our founder and president, Scott Nelson!
Helping Hollywood Keep It Real
Did you know that Scott Nelson, the founder and president of SRMG, has helped actors and directors accurately depict law enforcement-related scenarios and characters in the some of your favorite movies and television shows? Click here to learn more about his time spent on set.
Is Your Child Safe Online?
As parents, it can sometimes seem impossible to protect our children from online predators and others who seek to exploit or harass them. Click here to visit the SafeKids.com Web site for tools and information to help you fight back.
A Worst-Case Scenario: The Active Shooter
The terrifying and deadly mass shootings that occurred recently in Aurora, Colorado, and Oak Park, Wisconsin, remind us how critical it is that every individual know how to respond appropriately to an active shooter incident. Click here to download a PDF of a poster that you can hang in your workplace to educate others, and click here to view a video with important tips and information that may help you survive should you ever find yourself involved in such an event. (WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some.)
Are You Sharing TMI?
Are you sharing too much information (TMI) on Google+ and LinkedIn? Do you know how to protect your privacy? Click here to download a PDF with useful tips related to Google+, and click here to download one with suggestions for LinkedIn.
Have a Heart
"Every day, thousands of people suffer sudden cardiac arrest. Would you know how to help?" Click here to test yourself using an interactive tool and learn more about how you can save a life.
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